Encouraging words on the unlikeliest of places.. the city bus. #positivity #hope #thisjustmademyday

Encouraging words on the unlikeliest of places.. the city bus. #positivity #hope #thisjustmademyday

In the midst of the apocalypse, Chris and Toby find the survivors at the quarry. Toby thinks they may have found a home. Chris has other plans.

An Oz / The Walking Dead crossover, written for hc_bingo. 2713 words.

Daryl/Beth, post season four. No spoilers, this is all just wishful thinking. 1077 words.

Daryl’s never had the words. So he just sits, feels the heat of Beth’s leg against his, listens to her breathing. Still here. Still alive. Still with him.

Beth needs her, and she needs to keep Beth safe. Her sister is here, and for brief moments now she can forget that Glenn is not.

Daryl/Beth, Maggie. 1752 words.

Post Episode 412, “Still”.  Maggie POV.  Written super fast this morning because it wouldn’t stop eating my brain.

It’s an addiction, he will inevitably say when he lights up, when he blows smoke rings into the air. David has his own addiction – to those slim hips and wide shoulders, to the tousled hair and the wry smirk – so he tries not to judge too harshly.

Pre-Movie. David/Young Man.  Written for LJ’s smallfandomfest for the prompt, “planning”.

Without their staggering footsteps and the brush of fabric on fabric there was only silence. Just the quiet, and Glenn’s eyes wide and dark.

:: Written for the prompt “sillage” - the impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone.

Daryl/Glenn, 1001 words.

He sees the boy watching him over the edge of his book when they sit quietly in the evening. The boy smiles when he notices, and David knows his own returned smile is weak, wary.

David/Young Man. Post Movie.

When the dark haired boy smiles and steps forward, it is all David can do not to roll his eyes. His day just gets better and better.

Pre-movie. ‘First meeting’ between David and his young man. Written for LJ’s smallfandomfest.  2407 words.

Pre-movie.  David and his young man meet.

1080 words.

Written for LJ’s hc_bingo challenge for the prompt “undeserved reputation”